Winter’s Stark Beauty — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken *122
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)35 (28.7%)

This stark beauty was a darkroom discard — one that I had previously passed over for sharing.   I have begun to review and edit them again, with the intent to bring out the beauty I knew was there when I originally photographed the scene.  This image is one of those – a tree-lined patch along the shore front, ice-covered from the windstorms along Lake Michigan. 

The stark beauty – bare trees, churning waters, ice-covered blocks and bushes on this small area of land near Chicago’s 57th Street Beach.  During the summer, it provides a shady respite from the sun, but during the winter, it resembles a low, icy cliff.  

This day, surfers were out, enjoying the wind-whipped waves – they are what drew me out in the first place (Winter Surfing — It Is A Thing — 5* Pix).  But there is more to look at when we have an ‘angry lake”, as I like to call it.  The magnificence of the short waterfalls, and exquisitely iced-over bushes say it all.

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