Road Trip: Indianapolis Bound!

Total Shots taken *819
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)25 (3.1%)

For once, I sat in the passenger seat on a day trip to Indianapolis.  This meant I got a chance to hold the camera in my lap, ready to take photos of the landscape while traveling at 70+ miles per hour (quite frankly, that is why the 5* yield is so low – you have to take a LOT of pix to get one good image at that speed!).  We stopped in Indianapolis, took a walk around Monument Circle, which features the Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument, had a quick meal, and got back on the road again, where I retained my role as  the passenger seat photographer. 

I have driven this route many times, but never traveled as a passenger. I had previously identified scenes I wanted to photograph — the Skyway, the windmills, the vintage car on Stony Island Ave…. This gave me that opportunity.  In addition, I used a few features I did not know I had on the camera, most notably the grainy black and white.  Hope you enjoy these road trip 5* selections. 

  • Skyway Bridge (2):    One of the most notable features along the southern expanse of Chicago’s lakefront is the Chicago Skyway Bridge, linking the states of Illinois and Indiana.  I marveled at the chance to photograph the bridge on the approach, and while crossing. So many times, while in the drive’s seat, I yearned to pull out a camera. I didn’t before, but my patience is rewarded this trip – Yay!
  • Hybrid Electrical:  This electrical generation farm, featuring both high voltage power lines and wind turbines, a contrast of black and white along the open  grassy roadside. In this stretch of the highway, the landscape is dotted with windmill farms — these combination versions are a lot farther in between.
  • Mirror, mirror on a truck…:  Given the speeds we were going, it is hard to believe that I captured this reflection of the driver in the side truck mirror, along with a roadside silo. But I did!
  • I’m Just Angry: In a monument dedicated to State of Indiana soldiers and sailors who served in our nation’s wars, and which lists the fact that two sets of US Colored Troops were deployed to serve in the state, and which is the largest such monument in the nation — the only representation of a person of color is that of a former slave (presumably), holding the chains that used to bind him. He is framed by both the US and the state of Indiana flagin front and behind; yet he is the invisible man.

  • Industrial smokestack  From my home on Chicago’s south side near Lake Michigan, I can see these smokestacks.  I find the industrial smoke captivating when seen from the shore miles away, so you know that when I was this close, I had to try to get something I love this mostly black and white image with the glow of the sun on parts of the stack, and the US flag contrasting against the dark elements.

I tried to make the most of this roadtrip. Next time (and there will be one!), I can pick and choose. But this time, you get the benefit of my novice approach to speed photography. Hope you enjoyed these 5* selections.

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