Winter warriors at ‘the Point’ — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken *236
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)34 (14.3%)

The rumors are true – Chicago winters are no joke.  But cold weather or not, intrepid Chicagoans will not let the cold weather stop their exercise pursuits.  Winter warriors – runners, bikers, walkers, skaters, photographers, and yes, swimmers. Lake Michigan, alternates from calm and snow covered, to wind whipped waves, to an icy mix dotted with icebergs. Today’s lake was the icy mix.

Never let it be said that a wintry urban park and lakefront doesn’t lend itself to wonderful images.  Hope you enjoy these 5* selections.

  • Water’s edge:  This shelf sitting along the water’s edge, surrounded by the snow-bergs in the water.    
  • Point Swimmer:  She’s one of a crew of open water swimmers that meet at Promontory Point throughout the week.  My theory:  it’s part of her Special Forces training. I saw her long enough to know that she swam in the lake – she has my vote for Queen of the winter warriors. 
  • Fallen Soldier.  Bill Stamets, an intrepid photographer set up his cameras to capture the ice flowing along the shore.  A shout out to him for the great shots he posted at Facebook ( ) The twinkle in his eye from one cold photographer to another.
  • Runner in the City:  Breathtaking!   The “City of big shoulders” just showing off.
  • Broken Ice:  The pieces of broken ice along the shoreline were captivating.  In some areas, there were circles of broken ice, resembling lily pads; at others it was broken shards and plates of ice. 

Winter attractions abound in Chicago, if you can stand the cold.  We winter warriors (yes, I am one too!) step out, partaking in activities from cardio  to extreme conditions training to just plain walking around taking pictures!

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