It’s Surfin’ Season

Total Shots taken *260
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)61 (23.5%)

With the arrival of fall, winds whip up Lake Michigan, and surfers go out on the lake.  In my house, that is an automatic ‘reschedule your day’ moment – surf days don’t happen often enough for me to ignore them.  No matter how many times I do it, photographing surfers never gets old for me.  This outing started late afternoon and went to dusk, where the images ranged from close-ups of the surfers, to the action shots and to a shot of the surfers by moonlight – I hope you enjoy these 5* selections. 

For most of the day, the water crashed against the shore, the wind whipping the waves into a frenzy.  Late in the afternoon, the surfers came – and for me, time to clear my calendar, see if I could take some time away from the work day, and add in an appointment for photography. 

Today’s relentless ebb and flow was a surfers delight.  the surfers crested the waters again and again, riding the waves, waiting for the swell to come in, riding anew.  Up close, you could see the intensity on their faces …  contemplation…  concentration … balance …. Enthusiasm… It was all there.

For me, watching and photographing surfers never gets boring.  With the moon, and the seasonably warm weather, this evening had some additional highlights.  Hope you enjoyed these 5* selections!

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