Spider Webs and Color Bursts

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Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)79 (25.6%)

We are in the midst of a fall color explosion in Illinois.  Red.  Gold.  Orange.  Green.  Brown.  As I drove in downstate Illinois, I was struck by the abundance of color flanking the expressway – vastly different from the then-green cityscape we had in Chicago.  My visit to a friend’s home on a 50+ acre swath of land (which I affectionately call her family’s “nature preserve”) gave me a chance to enjoy the fall colors. 

The vibrant colors would not be dampened – they emerged through the mist and fog we had one morning.  Along with the mist, we had sparkling spider webs, intricately designed on flowers, between trees and corn husks.  After the mist burned off, the colors popped even more. Hope you enjoy these 5* images showcasing fall colors and spider webs.

  • Bejeweled:  Drops of water adorn the leaves and petals of this rose
  • Bejeweled – Black & White Version:   You can see how busy the spider was in creating this intricate web on the top of the corn stalk. 
  • Fall Mix:  The color explosion in Illinois is not to be sneezed at.  Fallen leaves reveal the white trunks of these sycamore trees snaking through to the skies.
  • Tree Art – the Train:  There is a thriving community of artists who reclaim felled trees, turning them into works of art.  This custom train was carved from a large tree – so large that its afterlife included this train, a three-person bench, several six foot log planters, and a bird bath.
  • The Path:   Walking to the forest  
  • Looking Back:  From another perspective, it looks as if you are in a different place, but in reality, it is just at the entrance of the forest, looking back down the path.

Loved the opportunity to check out the fall color explosion in downstate Illinois.  It was windy and rainy the day after I left; the weather robbed the trees of many of the remaining leaves. Hope you enjoyed these images from a just in-time fall photography shoot!

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