As Summer Fades To Fall — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken *121
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)16 (13.2%)

As Chicago’s temperatures cool from summer to fall, the normally placid and still waters of Lake Michigan churn, with waves crashing against the shore.  These are the days we may have a lake advisory – a warning to be aware of choppy waters.  Today’s warmth and bright sun bring out the lake’s jewel tones — a great turquoise expanse. 

I walked around Promontory Point to capture the playfulness of the day.  We were still in some phase of reopening in Chicago (I am just not sure which), and the parks and beaches are open as long as you heed to the Mayor’s warning to “keep it moving,” rather than congregate.  The warm day brought out swimmers, walkers, sitters, partyers, and why not?  It WAS a beautiful day – hope you enjoy these 5*images.

  • Overlooking The Point:  Whether playing, sitting, or standing near the edge, watching the waves crashing against the blocks brought the height of self-entertainment.  The spray rose well above the blocks, the continuous movement of the water against the shore, mesmerizing.
  • Against the blocks:   Up close, with the frothy waters crashing against the rocks, the sunlight sparkling on the waves – the whitecaps in stark contrast to the wet limestone blocks protecting the land’s  edge from erosion. 
  • A Crescendo! 
  • A Moment of Peace:   The waves retreat, creating a moment of stillness… inhale….. Exhale ….peace.
  • Breaking Thru:  Hands slicing through the water and arms overhead – experiencing both strenuous exercise and a pleasurable pastime – loving it!
  • Any City by the Sea:  Letting the sand squish between my toes and the water run over my feet.  The waning days of summer, when any warm day could be the season’s last hot day.  While we could be in any global city by the sea, we are enjoying Chicago’s lakefront beauty. 

True to the mayor’s intent, we are keeping it moving, especially as summer fades into fall, to take advantage of all the energy the sun gives.   Hope you enjoy these 5* images!

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