Saturday Morning Urban Hike — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken *207
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %)30 (14.5%)

*(over 2 days)

Living next to a park definitely has its privileges.  For the most part, what it means to me is that I can take an urban hike just by walking outside my doorway; and if I add my camera, it becomes a photography outing.   Sometimes, it’s a micro-hike – where I don’t go far, and look closely for the beauty that strike your eye within that small area.   

Bobolink Meadows, in the grounds behind the Museum of Science and Industry is that urban hike location for me.  It has everything – from birdwatchers top other hikers or runners, to fishers, to wildlife, like Canada goose and herons, and to nature’s glories – water lilies and other colorful blossoms – and to the human made ones signified by sculpture and architecture.  Yes, they are all there, and they provide the makings for these 5* selections today:

  • Transformation 2020 (2):   She dances in the morning sun, her arms up, widespread as if to catch the day, her face towards the skies.  She is dressed in her own green finery, her variegated leaves winding from her legs to her fingertips, still almost blending in with the surrounding trees, hiding in plain sight.  Our newest neighbor in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood twirls and preens, thanks to artist and tree carver Gary Keenan.
  • Grotto:  The lush greenery of the willow tree branches overhanging the dark, cave-like entrance, with the sunlight glowing on the branches, is an almost surreal light/dark experience.   
  • Gone Fishin’  This old, rusted bike leaned up against the large plastic garbage cans looks to be set here purposely. I think the owner has gone fishing.
  • A Lily Pad’s Eye View:   Watching the geese from the side of the pond. 
  • Across the Pond:  This layered view of first the curling lily pads, then the water, then the trees reflecting in the pond, to the grass and paved walkways beyond that

Early morning hikes are a great time for reflection and inspiration, especially in the face of such beauty.   Hope you enjoy these 5* images!

See more outtakes from this and other photography outings by following me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.

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