Visiting the Urban Forest: Birds, Flowers, Trees — 5* Pix

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It’s still spring, and spring brings a wealth of flora and fauna.  Despite the lockdown (some call it the continuing “shelter in place” situation we have here in Chicago…. Or is it a “phased opening”?    Not sure…but I digress) that it is still going on, I do get a chance to explore the nearby Bobolink Meadow.  This south side migratory bird area is teeming with birds, so much so that social distancing bird watchers visit regularly.  And the trees were bursting with flowers.


  • Resplendent in fuchsia: The dogwood blossoms herald the coming of spring.   At its peak, the tree is covered with a zillion (yes, I counted them!) of these tiny blossoms, preening – just showing off their rosy-pink hue!  They slowly leave way for the green leaves that become the mainstay of the fully developed tree.  But spring is when the dogwood shines in all its glory.



  • Formalwear Not Required: The black crowned night heron, looking much like the Butler of Bobolink Meadow, impressively haughty in his tails, surveys the West Lagoon landscape.



  • Reeds, Things, and Reflections:  Some images catch your attention because of the real things you capture.  Others, the emotion or feelings it brings out.  Still others, it is in what you imagine it to be, not so much wat it is.  For me, for this image, it is the latter.   It’s the “face” I see resting in the water that caught my attention – surrounded by bright green fern-like grasses rising from the waters.



  • It’s Feeding Time! The Canada goose and her ducklings at the dinner table.

Now You See Me

  • Now You See Me. Mistress of all that I survey.  On this bare tree – limbs, twigs, no leaves to speak of, just buds – a gathering place in this south side migratory bird point.  I wouldn’t find this fabulous female cardinal today if I were to go looking for her – at least not here.  Spring has fully emerged, but the trees are fully dressed, and though she returns here, she hides in place.

After copious spring rains, this recently restored field is overflowing with the seasonal cacophony of native grasses, flowers, trees and birds.  Bounded by the Museum of Science and industry on one side and the city’s famed Lake Shore Drive on anther, hiking the wooded pond, the East and West Lagoons, and the waking trails is a journey into an urban forest.

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