Six Degrees of Spring — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 238
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 42 (17.6%)


March winds bring April showers… that, along with unseasonable weather, brought a range of images from photo walks last two weeks of April – from thunderous rain clouds (see Stormy Weather — 5* Pix)  and magnificent magnolia blossoms; to white waves crashing against the 57th Street beach front and the misty fog hanging over red, green, and gold budding trees.  These were the six degrees spring, yielding some variety  for this post – we even had SNOW on the ground, but I didn’t have my camera out for that.


  • Magnificent Magnolias: When I was a child, we had a magnolia tree in our front yard, and I have been entranced by its flowers ever since.  When the tree near my home began to bloom, I remembered just how velvety and pretty its blooms could be.  I was determined to capture the beauty!


  • South Shore Waves: We had several days with a wind advisory – winds blowing 30 mph from the east whipped up the lake, showing its frothy waves as they crashed against the shore.  On even windier days, there’s enough for surfers to come out.  This day, we were graced with the waves dotting the southern shore line.  With all the reduced traffic, we can see all the way to Indiana.


  • Is This REALLY Spring? It’s not just the fog that makes you think you’re in another place and time.  It’s the red leaves, so evocative of autumn days long gone, the mist hanging low in the atmosphere, trees and buildings peeking through, and the golden glow brightly surrounding one of the bushes.


  • Is This REALLY Chicago Spring?   The iconic domes of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry give you a hint.  The emerald green grass quietly says “spring”, but the red and gold leaves scream “OCTOBER.” The contrast can easily confuse.  This image is an oxymoron if there ever was one!


  • If That isn’t spring, THIS is! Across the street from the magnolia tree, the tall yellow and white blooms called my name.  I am sure I heard “Ivy… Ivy,”  as they waved in the breeze.  These beds of Chinese sacred lilies accented the hillside, mixing gracefully with the patches of natural grasses and bushes.  I couldn’t help myself – camera in hand, I answered the call.

This is what spring is all about – the transition.  Sometimes, it is long and cool, with a few warm-ish days, followed by suddenly-hot days appearing in late May.  And that transition brings volatility, like the early blooming-but-to-soon-gone magnolia blossoms and the wind-whipped waves of Lake Michigan.  Expect the unexpected (even snow!), and look for the beauty in it all.  I hope you enjoy these 5* images.

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