Lakefront Walk: Shelter in Place Edition — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 144
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 25 (17.4%)


It’s true:  none of us were supposed to be outside during Chicago’s “shelter in place” edict.  Good news – the day was fairly cold.  So it was the hardiest weekend warriors and family groups that primarily found themselves on the lakefront – running, biking, skating, walking.  Me?  I had taken an invigorating walk earlier and noticed that recent westerly winds left us gifts in the form of ice covered bushes and twigs by the lakefront.  I wished I’d had the foresight to bring my camera with me.  Instead, I finished the walk, returned home, retrieved my camera, and sauntered back out.  (Bad enough that I broke the ‘shelter in place’ rule once!).  Got some nice images of the icy twigs, and of people like me, who were not strictly sheltering in place.  Hope you enjoy these 5* images.

20200322-Icy Day2_4715

  • Ten Thousand Ripples: Gotta love a tribute to peace in the neighborhood!  These  emerging Buddhas are placed in a circle of seven; they have graced the Hyde Park neighborhood for about four years.  I never get tired of them.

20200322-Icy Day2_4605

  • Like My Shoes?  The crows in the park seemed to talk to each other.  These two first landed on the ground near the limestone blocks, then wandered over to the top of the blocks themselves.  Looking down, this crow seemed to show off his claw.

20200322-Icy Day2_4617

  • Iced Over  Standing solitary, with the green water in the background, this iced over twig resembled spindly crystals in the midday light.

20200322-Icy Day2_4664

  • Crashing Waves: I watched as the waves crashed steadily against the limestone blocks.  The power of the water displayed in the white foamy spray rising from the rocks.  The current trend in photography is to show flowing and crashing water as a smooth movement flow – me, I prefer the frozen water movement as shown here.

20200322-Icy Day2_4666

  • Purple Reigns:  Since the weather is officially “pre-spring” the ground is still brown, awakening trees have not yet been populated by green budding leaves.  Against this drab, brown background, the purple and gold was resplendent.

20200322-Icy Day2_4704

  • Daddy/Daughter Time:  I’ve heard several coworkers say they planned  some quality time with their children — looks like these two are enjoying just that.  When life hands you lemons…

Yep – I wasn’t the only one who played hooky by disobeying the “shelter in place” order.  My rationale:  since it was cold it wasn’t such a bad thing, few people would be out.  But the following days where the weather was much warmer were too tempting for those feeling cooped up in their homes.  Mayor Lightfoot put the hammer on us for that…rightfully so.  Coronavirus is real.  I’m in.

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