Spring’s a Comin’ — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 210
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 23 (11.0%)


Bobolink Meadow, home to a migratory bird location behind Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, is alive with Canada geese, seagulls, ducks, and an assortment of other winged friends as we transition to spring.  With temperatures in the mid 50’s, it was clearly a day signaling that we were turning the corner to spring.  There was still ice on the pond, a few berries in the trees, and birds a playing.  The stark beauty of this re-spring day was mine to discover as I walked through the wooded paths.  Hope you enjoy this brief glimpse highlighted by these 5* images.

20200301-MSI meadow_4386

  • Reflections: The afternoon light created a glow on the pond, and also an opportunity to create mirror images on the pond surface, like these trees.  I don’t think I had noticed the red leaf on the ice until I saw the photo on the big screen.  Then, I thought, “what a nice touch to the almost monochromatic scene!”

20200301-MSI meadow_4424

  • Necking: This pair of Canada geese give a whole new picture next to the dictionary definition of necking!  The Canada goose has been here all winter, and now they are playing around in the smaller meadows and ponds.   As I walked around this natural grassland area behind the Museum of Science & Industry, I’d hoped to catch sight of a heron or another rarely seen bird. Instead, I caught this priceless moment!

20200301-MSI meadow_4398

  • A Touch of Red:  These red limbs stood out against the brown and gold leaves and brush.  And red always catches my attention.  The meadows are filled with native Illinois grasses, which I often look up to determine what plants I have photographed.  But to identify these, I will have to wait until the leaves begin to bud and bloom.

20200301-MSI meadow_4399

  • The Golden Time of Day:  This time, it was the double pleasure of sunlight shining on the ice and the reflections of trees on the water that caught my attention.

20200301-MSI meadow_4502

  • Another Touch of Red: The bright red beak of this common merganser (i.e., duck) caught my eye as I returned home from my walk.  Instead of the wide, flattened bill, this one was hooked, pointed – and RED – everything that a duck was not, at least to my untutored mind.  Now, I know: ducks can have red bills!

20200301-MSI meadow_4532

  • MSI Reflection:  It’s not often that I see the Museum of Science and Industry from this perspective —  it’s the back of the museum, and we usually enter on the front side.  As I returned home, the beautiful neo-classical structure glowed in the late afternoon sun, seeming to preen at itself in the pond.

Early spring days, as the brown is turning green, and small berries and buds begin to emerge, have a raw, stark beauty, punctuated by the frivolity of birds.  What a fun day to try to capture some of this!

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