Sunrise at the Point — 5* Pix

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Promontory Point, a small, man-made peninsula along Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore near 57th street beach is an exercise haven for the city’s south side residents.  It has a ¼ mile (est.) paved waking/riding path near the shoreline, encircling a large grassy area, and accented by several stone “council rings” now used as fire pits.  Throughout the day, you will see a bevy of athletes – cyclists, runners, walkers, skaters, swimmers – as well as families and other park visitors.  This past fall, I decided to check out “the Point” (as it is called by Hyde Park residents) at sunrise, and see what I could find.


  • Flying Solo: A seagull flies across the sun-laden, intensely orange sky.



  • Dog Walker:  If you have to take your dog out for a morning walk, what better thing to do than walk along the lakefront?  I love the silhouette images the morning sun enabled me to take.


  • Resting the Bikes: More silhouettes, this time of bikes left by the rocks, with the sun shimmering on the water in the background.


  • Back Swim … there are a cadre of swimmers in the early morning waters, each usually swimming the distance from the Point to a small pier south of the 57th Street beach. This swimmer adjusts to the water temp with a back swim.


  • ‘Lone Dogwood: This dogwood tree, isolated against the morning sky reminds me of the famed lone cypress on California’s 17 Mile Drive.  OK, that’s a stretch, because there is too much around this particular tree to see it as a lone tree.  But still…

Sunrise at the Point is beautiful, with the huge fiery sun creating first a soft rose-colored sky, then a vibrant orange palette, peppered by thick, full clouds.  Just know that you will not be alone, there are lots of folk around, each enjoying this premier Park District location in their own way. Hope you enjoyed these 5* selections.

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