Visiting Cerritos — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 224
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 15 (6.7%)


When I saw the Cerritos Sculpture Garden on the Trip Advisors list of things to do while in the suburban Los Angeles city, I decided that I would visit.  It was a short walk from my hotel to this quiet enclave in the midst of this bustling town center area.   In my focus on seeing the garden, I almost missed the turtles and ducks in the small sculptural pond along the way, the war memorial outside the futuristic library, as well as the book-inspired “Illuminations” artwork.  Almost, but not quite… and these are some of the images I am sharing in this post.  Hope you enjoy these 5* pix.


  • Sparkling Water:  I am always fascinated by water features – they make wonderfully abstract images.  So no surprise, that when I walked past this small fountain, I decided to focus on capturing the light on the sparkling water, drops frozen in the air, and dark, wet stones in the background.


  • Peeking Up: At first, there was just one turtle.  And I thought it was subtle place to put a small turtle sculpture, in the middle of a water feature that people whiz by, probably not stopping to look closely.  Then, the head of the ‘sculpture’ moved!  So, of course, at that point, I realized it was real, and alive!  After I finished trying to take artistic photos of the water feature, I found the singular turtle was joined by two others, one of which was a baby!  How fun.


  • Holding the Flame: “The Elements” a large sculpture representing the earth, wind, fire and water, by artist Jane DeDecker, is one of the flagship installations in the garden.  I loved the sparkling light made by the setting sun when I focused on the golden flame leaping atop the maiden’s hand.


  • Illuminations … This 10 foot high book sitting near the front entrance of the Cerritos Public Library is a showstopper for an avid reader like me. The “book” features stories drawn from the city’s history and scenes from classic artworks.  Created by artist Terry Braunstein, it is intended to celebrate the community’s love for education.  Looking through the page of this book to see a  woman reading while sitting on a nearby bench was the ultimate homage to both art and education.


  • Glow in the Dark: As I returned in the evening dusk, I saw the dome that had originally drawn me to the area, glowing in the darkening sky, its beams lit up by accent lights.  What a night cap!

Art around the corner, near the hedges, at the end of the walk, atop the building…  I loved the chance to explore the nearby Cerritos town center, and the numerous sculptures.   I hope you enjoyed these 5* images!

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