Celebration of Music — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 425
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 44 (10.4%)

The Messiah of St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church of Chicago has an annual celebration of music as part of their fund raising efforts throughout the year.  This year’s program featured eight different artists, all of whom brought the house down with their wide ranging performances — covering gospel, blues, jazz, and contemporary music.  This was my first time attempting to photograph a concert, and I think I came away with a few interesting and illustrative shots — hope you enjoy these 5* selections!


  • The Light Surrounds Her: In the darkened room of the church sanctuary, the light from the window creates an under glow and a halo around her hair.  A fitting image in this sacred space.


  • Yaaasssss! I love the grin on Avery Young’s face as he sneaks a peak thru the door to catch Meagan McNeal’s performance.  When you see that level of pure, unadulterated glee for another performer’s performance, you know the compliment is even more strongly felt.  Meagan is an alum of the Emmy award winning show, The Voice.  Her strong clear vocals echoed throughout the sanctuary, touching all of us with its presence.


  • That Brother Can Blow! Again, when the other performers salute you, it is a real thing.  This time it was Larry Brown, Jr. of the Justin Dillard Trio, whose eyes say it all as he watches Corey Wilkes BLOW, clearly extending his breath through his trumpet.  Around the room, the mostly quiet audience broke into spontaneous applause.


  • Strumming His Fingers… A bird’s eye view of Steve Robinson playing his guitar, getting a close up shot of how the magic is being made.  Steve is half of the duo Steve and Renee Robinson, and his guitar playing in one of the opening acts set the stage for a wonderful afternoon.  He and Renee sang contemporary gospel songs.



  • And the Beat Goes On! (2) I found Alonzo Jones, the drummer of the Justin Dillard trio to have the most expressive face.  He reveled in his own beats during a solo, pursed his lips contemplatively in response to Guy King’s bluesy song styling, and just plain old enjoyed himself.

The music was phenomenal.  The space was beautiful and had fabulous acoustics.  And, I had my camera!  What’s not to love about this Sunday afternoon outing?

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