I Didn’t Realize I Live In An Art Gallery — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 290
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 25 (8.6%)

As a young woman, I briefly dated a guy whose art-filled home inspired me to surround myself with art.  I was bowled over by his paintings of people who looked like me.  I marveled at  in the many shades of brown, and the vibrant hues of the African diaspora.  A few years later, I gained a new BFF — a woman whose world travels as an international flight attendant led her to purchase astonishingly beautiful contemporary and antique artworks. Both these friends inspired me to build my own collection.

This past weekend,  my photography coach  noted the fall sun shining through the windows of my home.  He challenged me to photograph pieces from in my own ‘gallery’ and I thought I’d share them with you.  Hope you enjoy this view into the Eyevpointofview Gallery, and the 5* images I selected.

20191013-LR Flowers_2967

  • Colorful Cluster: Flowers make a big difference – even if it is a small bouquet purchased from your neighborhood Walgreen’s!  We can all bring the outdoors inside this way, as this colorful spray shows – the sun allowed the colors to glow and pop!  They certainly enhanced my gallery.

20191013-LR Flowers_3071

  • African Queen:   This bust is one of a pair that graces the interior balcony.  The arches in the iron rail, and the glow of sunlight in the ceiling frame this bronze beauty, creating a wonderful glow.

20191013-LR Flowers_3066

  • Thru the Eyes of a Child:  The lights and reflections make this image almost surreal.  If you look closely, you can see the flowers in the nearby room reflecting off the glass, the blue of Lake Michigan on the low horizon behind the girl, and the shadow of the cathedral window crossing her face.   I love the beauty of the child’s eyes looking serenely ahead, and the spots of light and color surrounding her.

20191013-LR Flowers_3112

  • The Dark Knight: This sculpture by Thomas Blackshear gives a whole new reference point to contrast the nickname used to refer to the Batman.  Ashor, the original black knight of medieval tales, was so called because of his African (Moorish) heritage.  “Dark Knight’ by Mr. Blackshear captures the beauty and regal bearing of this mysterious hero, who (as legend would have it) embodied perfect neutrality by having done just as much good as bad in his life.

20191013-LR Flowers_3107

  • The Knight and the Nomad:   She is a nomadic traveler, and he is a protector.  The legend of the Dark Knight is that he can travel across time and place to do what he will.  So surely, he will protect this traveling woman, clearly a woman of means, in her travels and business dealings!

20191013-LR Flowers_3153

  • Americana, the Beautiful: At one point, I avidly collected African/African-American figurines, mostly artist unknown.  This sculptural base has a brass bowl atop the woman’s head.  I was entranced by the detail in the braided style she wears, her elongated neck, and the stately way she holds her elegant head.  What’s not to love?

I have always enjoyed the artwork in my home — it’s affirming to have created a  space that reflects my beauty and heritage.  This photo session helped me to realize my home is like an art gallery, and gave me a new way to appreciate and share that with others.  On top of that, I learned some important photography lessons.

Afterwards, though, I swear I heard my Mary McLeod Bethune bust say “Hmmph.  I better be next.”

See more outtakes from this and other photography outings by following me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.



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