Looking Back at Summer in the Darkroom Discards

The temperatures took an instant dive after Labor Day.  It is not cold, but we have definitely turned the corner on summer.  As I look forward and to seeing green leaves give way to first gold, then red leaves, I was reminded of scenes from the summers past, and that led me back to the discard pile to find images that evoked fond summer memories.  From Chicago’s Bike the Drive to the city’s floral finery to vacation images, I found several images that celebrated the summer for me.

Reflections of a City:

  • Reflections of a City: I love taking photographs of reflections!  This image, showing the rooftops of several buildings surrounding Chicago’s Millennium Park, really captivates me.   Yes, those deep lines you see are the edges of the sidewalk blocks filled – the detail captured in the reflection is amazing – the white clouds against the blue sky, the mirrored building towering over the diamond shaped roof of the Crain Communications building.


  • Bike the Drive:  This overhead view of bikers on the drive made me think of all the fun things Chicago has to offer during the summer.  This event, if any,  officially inaugurates the fun and festival season with the closure of Lake Shore Drive on Memorial Day weekend and the subsequent city festivals – think Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago, Gospelfest, just to name a few.

20140720-Lakefrnt Walk_0039

  • ‘Tis the Season of Butterflies: A monarch butterfly alights on a purple cone flower, one of the area’s native wildflowers.  If butterflies don’t represent summer, what does?


  • Art in the Park:   This statuesque sculpture by Henry Moore sits outside the Art Institute of Chicago.  It beckons you to enter, partake of the peaceful environs, and enjoy this small slice of summer.

These are all signs of summer.  But the thing is, they are signs of the summer gone past, and we are now solidly into fall. Solidly.  The colors are beginning to change, leaves are falling, the fall winds have picked up.  We have begun to welcome the beauty of fall.  Hope you enjoy these last few days of fall, and these 5* images from the darkroom discard pile!

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