Finding Shadows in the Darkroom Discard Pile

It is always interesting to play with shadows in photography.  When resurrecting images from my discard pile, this time I decided to focus on shadows.  That gave me leeway to look for interesting plays of light and darkness, silhouettes, and outlines across many photography outings.  And boy, did I strike gold with this one!  From nature, to athletic events, public art, and to people just standing around – they are all there.


  • Biking the Drive: Catching this image of the biker this bright morning was a true bonus for the event.  One of my favorite tactics is to sit at the curb, and see what the view looks like from there.  I like the perspective of looking thru the wheel and pedals to see the shadow of this biker.


  • A Bunch of Photographers Meet at the Park..:   A group of us were standing around in the late afternoon sun when I noticed our long shadows on the ground. I loved the opportunity to get a shot of our travel group without having to either pose or otherwise set it up.  Yep, that’s me on the left with the broad-brimmed hat!

20151101-606 Trail_4409

  • Gracing the 360 Trail: This rubber and steel composite work by artist Chakaia Booker graces Chicago’s 360 Trail, a reclaimed railroad-track-turned-hiking-biking-path on the north side of the city.  The shadow created by this end of the undulating sculpture with its steel globe is striking on this bright day.


  • Runner No. 1: World class runners, such as those participating in the Chicago Marathon, clearly have a passion and zest for running.  In this image, it shows up in the runner’s taut muscles and the sharp angles of his lean physique in the shadow.


  • Runner No. 2: It’s called ‘the privileged angle’ – one that is out of the ordinary, and that you would not normally see, except that the photographer decides to share it with you.  That is this image of the runner and her shadow.


  • Ferns: When you reach a point where the sunlight suddenly breaks a heavily forested area, you don’t know what you might find.  In this case, I loved the simple beauty of the fern, outlined here.

I can’t say enough about how much I have enjoyed going through my ‘darkroom discard’ pile looking for new images to share.  I am still finding new images that I hadn’t previously tagged, and new categories to include (note to Ivy:  tag as you go, and review the archives at least annually).  I’m going to have to come up with a new name —  some of these stellar images shouldn’t have been discarded in the first place!  All it took was a little motivation to look at them in a different way.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Shadows in the Darkroom Discard Pile

  1. I really like Biking the Drive, where the shadow is in sharp relief and the object is a blur of motion. I also like the marathon runner #1 photo…. I thought the shadow was really interesting and just goes to show that shadows/images from certain angles can look very different from the object they are shadows of.

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