Reflections in the Darkroom Discard Pile

In continuing my theme of mining images from the darkroom discard pile, this time I am focusing on images that show reflections.  It is no surprise to me that I have images with reflections appearing throughout my image archives, and I am captivated by them.



  • Sitting on the Pier: In the late afternoon sun on Martha’s Vineyard, this scene seems to glow, and reflection on the still water are equally colorful.  I love this time of day, and in my MV wanderings, was excited to arrive at the waterfront at the golden hour of the day.


  • Jay Pritzker Pavilion: The early morning silence in of the pavilion makes you stop and take in the space.  It was in that spirit that the beauty of the reflected seats, the Ribbon Bridge,  and the sculptural canopy struck me.  I love this space.


  • Reflection of Kenwood Academy Drum Line:   Imagine my surprise when I looked closely at the bell of this French horn.  Those red spots that I initially thought were shiny highlights were actually the red shirts of the drum line ahead of the horn section.  The Kenwood Academy High School Band marches on!


  • Waterfall Glen Reflections: As you travel through the walking path at Waterfall Glen, you see a number of interesting turns and twists.  These by the pond were arresting in the bright sunlight, the explosion of green leaves reflected on the water, the bark on the reflected tree so clear, you wonder which is real.


  • Reflecting Closeness: I saw this couple as they walked along the path in Hyde Park’s premier peace-filled park – designed for quiet conversations and contemplation.  What a wonderful place for young love to blossom and close friendships to flourish!

If I didn’t say it in the last post (I didn’t), I am happily traipsing, no, gloriously exploring, the darkroom discard pile looking for treasures.  I can’t help but find more – time, Lightroom experience, and a more discerning eye, are all my friend.  And that goal of “cleaning up the archives”? — This is how you do it!

See more outtakes from this and other photography outings by following me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.

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