Sea Gulls at Play Near Lake Michigan – 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 166
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 20   (12.1%)


Fall has so quickly fled the Chicago area.  It is hard to believe that this breezy, sunny fall day was just a few short weeks ago, but yes, it was.  The frothy waves caught my attention, and despite all my efforts to resist the playful waters, I couldn’t.  The bright sunshine makes the waters blue or blue-green, a reminder of the summer days now gone.  When I arrived at the beach there were others playing at the water’s edge, and plenty of seagulls soaring above the water, looking for food rising to the water’s surface.

I loved it –the views from the beach, the waves crashing against the shore, the seagulls…. I loved it all!  I hope you enjoy these 5* images from that beautiful day.


  • Baby Bird Reflection: I loved this small bird, looking out over the water.  They say the secret to a good wildlife photos to focus on the eye – if the eye is clear, the photo is bound to be good.  I loved the bright yellow eye of this baby seagull.



  • In the Air (2): Two very different views of the  seagulls.


  • Playing Around: I just loved this image of the bird in the water, lapping up against its feet, almost like a child playing in the water.


  • Southern View: This south-facing view – with the whitecaps framing the Rainbow Beach Park Field House, and a view of Indiana’s industrial skyline in the background.  What a beautiful day!

These are the days that we reflect on fondly as winter approaches.  There were ever so few of them this year – lower temperatures, cloudy skies have already made their mark.  We had the first snow this past weekend. Fall has fled, well before its time!  Tapping into the photo memories now….

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