Flora, Fauna, Friends and Families in the Garden of the Phoenix – 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 305
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 42   (13.8%)


A beautiful summer day, where the temperature was in the mid-80’s rather than the high 90’s of the few days prior to that.  A perfect day to head over to the Garden of the Phoenix with the camera.  Well, I wasn’t the only one with that thought – families of all types were in the Garden.  It was the first time in several weeks that I had a chance to go out with the camera.

I wasn’t disappointed in the opportunities this time – family photos for what appeared to be a quinceanera, baby ducklings, couples, lone birds, sunlit trees and flowers, berries…. These are just a few of the images – hope you enjoy these 5* images from my outing.


  • Standing Tall: My eagle eyed friend noticed him first.  “Is that a bird over there on the log?  I see it, but I can’t tell what it is.”  I trained my zoom lens on the figure in question, and confirmed that, “yes, it is a bird, a heron” standing tall, looking as if he were the master of all he surveyed.  A regal look if there ever was one!


  • My Quinceanera: As we entered the peace-filled space, a group rushed past us; it included this young woman wearing this beautiful blue dress.  I couldn’t help but press the shutter.  Then they were gone.   It was the only photo of her I was able to take.  She’s beautiful!


  • Reflections of Love:   I  always love to capture images by using a reflection in a pond.  This couple walked around, tried several spots before they ended up here.  They enjoyed the garden, speaking and walking quietly, taking time to absorb the beauty.


  • Just Another Bunch of Berries: NOT!  These delicate berries provided a splash of color in the garden.  There are signs that describes the garden as a place of peace, and asks all who enter to bring a contemplative attitude.  A wonderful side effect is that the loudest sounds are the call of nature from the birds and the explosion of color from surrounding trees and flowers.



  • Sunlit (2): The late afternoon sun seemed to make the leaves and flowers glow.  In this case the tree leaves look almost gold, and the vibrant pink flowers seem even pinker.

Wandering in this small, beautiful garden made a wonderful end to the late summer evening.  I had waited until the sun was about to set because I thought I might find birds and interesting plays of light.  I found both, with abundance.

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