Remembering Twin Falls Hike — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 293
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 28   (9.6%)


Today, I chatted with one of my colleagues about her recent hiking vacation in Yellowstone.  She was there seven days, camping out, had a bear sighting, and enjoyed the epic vistas the National Park had to offer.  It reminded me that I had visited a friend in the Pacific Northwest, and we took a photography hike in one of the nearby mountains, an area called Twin Falls.

Then, of course, life got in the way, and I am just now getting around to processing the images (10 months later!).  The conversation today reminded me of the hike and the beauty of the area, and how I shortchanged my followers by not writing of that hike, and featuring the images.  So, I went back through the archives to find these outtakes from the trek.  Hope you enjoy these 5* selections.



  • Delicate Flowers (2): It’s hard to spot small, delicate flowers like these in the shade of the towering trees of the forest.  You have to look hard to find them, but when you do, it is a wonderful moment.  It makes one appreciate both the tiny and grand scale we find in nature.


  • Mossy Curtain  As we walked through the forest, we saw several moss covered limbs, each creating their own eerily different structure.  I love the sunlight shining through the fronds.


  • It’s A Horse, Of Course:  The moss covered limbs and trees come up at any turn, and as you can see from this image, you are limited only by your imagination.  You already know my opinion — it’s on its hind legs.  What do YOU think?



  • Reflections: the small pond was a perfect location, especially in the late afternoon sun, for reflecting the surrounding trees.


  • Shadows: At one point we turned the corner and emerged into a patch of sunlight. I happened to be looking down, and spied this leafy shadow.   Just as I love reflections, I also love shadows.  So this trip led to a two-fer!


  • Bubbling Over:  This was the pacific Northwest, after all.  So the rains in the mountains made the falls plentiful and ponds flowing.  I loved this view of the pond in the afternoon sun. 

This was a wonderful hike.  And the chance to hang out with a friend made it even more special. To have had my camera with me as well?  Stupendous.    Enjoy!

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