Chicago Celebrates Spring — 5* Pix

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Each year, Chicago heralds spring with floral abundance – a clear signal that we have turned the corner on winter: the ground warms up, the bulbs emerge, and tulips blanket the city. Water has begun to flow through Buckingham Fountain and the Crown Fountains, which anchor the southern end of Millennium Park. It is hard not to enjoy the splendor as spring emerges in Chicago.

I wasn’t sure the weather would cooperate on this impromptu photography outing, but after a short rain shower, the sun returned. I explored some of my favorite haunts in the Lurie Garden, the grounds of the Art Institute of Chicago, the medians along Michigan Ave, trying to commemorate the beauty. Hope you enjoy these 5* selections.


  • Iconic Lion: It is hard to capture a ‘different’ image of the oft-photographed lions that stand in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. The soft profile of the lion in this image surrounded by the magenta flowers in the foreground. Love it!


  • Blanket of Color (2): The medians along Michigan Avenue are filled with the tulips—an explosion of pink, orange, and yellow.


  • Splash of Orange: Up close the flowers are even more breathtakingly colorful and beautiful.



  • And then, the Fountain!… The tall rectangular columns that form the Crown Fountain display faces; sometimes serene, sometimes smiling, and others, spouting water. Always beautiful, as in this image, flanked by blossoming dogwood trees. These faces have captivated many a tourist! At the base of the Crown Fountain is a wading pool, enjoyed by all, either for the reflections it generates or with the the close up of the droplets hitting the water.

I can’t say this too many times — Chicago is such a beautiful city! The architecture, public art, floral expanses…And blanketed with flowers as it was on this day, it can’t be beat! Enjoy!

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