A View From Atop The Hotel Robey

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Kudos to the Chicago Streets and Beyond photography meet up group – they organize and offer a wide range of photography outings, and I for one, am glad that I get a chance to join them from time to time.  This was my very first meetup group, and the view from atop this newly renovated office-turned-hotel was spectacular.

From one end of the triangular shaped building, you could see all the way to the lake, and get an eyeful of the city’s northern lake shore skyline.  From another end, you can see the vast expanse of city living along North Ave, but without the grandeur of the skyline.  Along one side you could see the dome of historic St. Mary’s Church of the Angels church, built in 1920. Here are my 5* images from the outing.


  • View from the Top: a classic art deco flat-iron building at the intersection of Damen, Milwaukee, and North Avenues in Chicago.  The rooftop venue features 180 degree views of the city — in this scene, you can see the iconic (formerly named) John Hancock building, towering over the surrounding buildings.  Near- and lakefront skyscrapers are adorned by the glittering city lights – seemingly bejeweled.  Originally built in 1928 as an office building, since its 2016 opening, it is reinvigorating Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood as the Hotel Robey.  In the foreground, a figure carved in the façade of the hotel’s rooftop cupola overlooks the urban landscape.




  • Dusk and Nighttime Skyline (2):  Chicago has such a gloriously pretty skyline any, and these images just showcase that beauty.  On the north end, you can see the former John Hancock Building (now known as the 875 N. Michigan) towering over surrounding buildings.  On the south end, you see a similarly towering black building now known as the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) – they are both in the group of tallest buildings in Chicago.


  • The Cupola: One of the architectural features on the roof is the cupola, a bricked in cubbyhole with seating room for a small group, with a lantern lighting evening sky.  Tonight, it was also a nice warming spot, and a great location for the photographers to park their belongings.  As the evening wore on, the lantern began to glow, the bright blue a lights contrasting against the darkening sky, the flag flapping in the wind.   I love the fact that you can see the clouds in the night sky as well.  The beauty of this structure really stood out once it was lit.

Chicago is such a beautiful city!  It is not often that you get a chance to see it from the roof of a tall building on a beautiful fall evening.  I tried to make the most of it with these 5* images.  Enjoy!

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