Winter Surfing — It Is A Thing — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 122
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 28  (23.0%)


Chicago winter days can surprise you sometimes.  It was Super Bowl Sunday, and the waves of Lake Michigan were churning; the air temperature was 15 degrees, and the winds blew west at 20 miles per hour.  That was the right direction for prime time surfing at the 57th Street Beach.  Rather than spending the afternoon at a Super Bowl party, these guys were in the water, were the temperature was 32 degrees.  I was there, camera in hand.

I wasn’t the only photographer standing on the beach this cold day – I saw one photographer hanging on to trees at one end of the shore, while I chatted with another on the beach.  There was also a videographer – between the photographers, the videographers, and the surfers – it is not clear who wins the award for the best alternative Super Bowl event, but I think winter surfing tops the list.


  • Coming Right At ‘Cha: I love this image of the surfer as he heads directly towards the shore, leaving a huge wake behind him.    I love his form, keeping his center of gravity low, perfectly posed over the board, head up.



  • Hands Down:  The day was overcast, so we were surprised at one point to see the sun come out, and create reflections on the water.



  • Wipeout!:  What a picture of surfing without a good wipeout image?  I love the contrast of the yellow board against the white foam of the surf.  You can’t even see the skier!



  • Fun. But Cold: The smile on Rex’s face says it all.  But even more telling are the icicles hanging of his beard, brows, and cap.  Still, the glee on his face after leaving the water is noticeable and palpable.



  • Against the Shore: I turned away from the surfers briefly to see how the waves were crashing against the shore.  The water rolled into this small cove, covering the limestone and bushes, first with water, and then, as the waves continued rolling in,  ice.

The winter waters of Lake Michigan are a treat;  a formidable one, but these surfers know how to handle the waves!

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