Deep Freeze on the Lakefront — 5* Pix


Total Shots taken 65
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 12  (18.5%)


Two short weeks ago, we in Chicago were “enjoying” sub-zero temperatures and high winds off the lakefront.  There was very little snow during this 10 day stretch, but the winds more than compensated for that:  After two days of winds blowing in over the lake, beautiful, ice-covered trees, grasses, and bushes emerged along the lakefront.  In some places, the spray reached well inland, and at other spots, you could barely tell there was a winter storm.

Amazing that you could walk around a tree, and on one side, there was a thick covering of ice, and on the other side, it was bare.  The ice had formed in the direction of the wind around its structure.  The ground was bumpy, covered by golf ball sized nodules – after many years living on this lake front, this was the first time I had seen it like this. The devastation comes in where the trees and bushes could not carry the weight of the heavy ice.

Believe me, I wasn’t the only one out with my camera. Not only that, there were other winter athletes who didn’t let the ice or cold temperatures (yes, it was still VERY cold out).


  • Juxtaposition: It was such a bright and beautiful day that the lake was blue, and you could see individual buildings that make Chicago’s famed skyline.   Such a bright skyline doesn’t happen every day, and the ice covered bush in the foreground presents quite a contrast in the image.


  • Contemplation:  Harry is a student from China now attending University of Chicago.  He had just decided to take a walk as was surprised by the icy splendor along the lake front.  As he told me, he home was in inland in China, so this was an astonishing sight.  At one point, he sat on the ice, taking it all in, appreciating the unexpected beauty of his surroundings.


  • Adorning the Light Posts: In case you were wondering which direction the wind blew the spray, this light post tells it all.  Looking closely, you can see that the ice covers only one side of the post,


  • Icy Devastation: This image shows the brutal impact of the ice – downed branches, the broken park bench.  The thick ice fills all the open space that might have been on the bench.  That is an amazing sight.

As I write this, we are back in the deep freeze.  Rest assured, if the waves crashing against the shore send more spray to the grass and bushes, I will be out there trying to capture the icy beauty of the moment.

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