Fall Color Explosion — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 178
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 21  (11.8 %)


This past week had 3-4 days with sub-zero wind chill factors, and after that bone-chilling, face freezing statement that winter is here, I needed something to warm me up inside, and to remind me that we just turned the corner from fall.  The day I had selected for the outing was still fairly cold for fall, and overcast.  I was at the 47th Street bird migratory station, one of three bird resting spots that dot this area of Chicago’s southern lake front.   In the late afternoon, pre-dusk light, the colors of the plants, leaves are berries popped.  Some glistened with drops of water, creating interesting ways to capture and reflect the light.

Early on, I used the tagline “finding my photographic voice”  for this blog, and I am still not sure what that meant to me, but the contrast between my attitude on this and the last post says I may be getting closer.  I was not as enthused by the images resulting from the recent photo outing in Lemont, IL  (A Small Slice of Lemont, IL — 5* Pix) as I am about today’s selections (in fact, that post made me promise myself that I would be more critical in making my 5* selections).   Today, I was struck by the beauty in the images — tried and true compositions that made me catch my breath.  In contrast, I felt that from only one or two images the Lemont outing.  There is a message for ME in that; hope I figure it out.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these 5* images.


  • Fading Blooms: It is easy for us to think that only vibrant, colorful blooms are beautiful.  But as this image shows, that isn’t always the case.  The whitish blooms in the forefront, with the taller bushes with rust leaves.  Over the top the still green leaves frame the image.  These layers of color create the contrast needed in this field of native grasses.


  • Droplets:  the simplicity of the clear drops amidst this explosion of color is really beautiful.


  • Berries in the Mix: Add bright red berries to the mix and the image pops more, but in a different way.  So similar, yet oh so different.  This is what I love about the fall – the colors that give a flower-like essence to what might otherwise be just a plain green leaf!


  • Winding Path: This migration area is rather small, but it still has several points of interest, like this path, flanked by trees with yellow leaves on one side, green on the other.  The golden topped low bushes in the surrounding background – imagine how all this looks when it is just green!  I walked on another path, then did a 360 degree turn, and spotted this trail.  Such beauty in its simplicity.


  • Fallen Limbs: As in any forested area, it is natural to see fallen limbs, some making a striking nature-made sculpture, like this one.  I love the mossy covering this one is beginning to get, for what looks like a bridge to the center of the tree.


  • Looking Up: I was clearly transfixed by the drops of water, this time on the pokeweed plant.  I have seen these plants before, on the east coast, and in Michigan, much closer to home.  Each time the deep purple veins and berries catch my attention.  This time with drops of water, I found them even more fascinating.  Next time, I’ll do as one of my photography mentors tells me — get close, and then get closer.

I am not giving up on the architectural and small urban setting images! But it is clear to me that I love nature’s handiwork, and that is a part of finding my voice.

See more outtakes from this and other photography outings by following me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.

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