A Small Slice of Lemont, IL — 5* Pix


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I’ve begun to use photography meetups (www.meetup.com or use the app) to help expand my photography outings.  Good news — it has taken me to places I might not otherwise visit, like Lemont Illinois.  Established in 1836, Lemont IL is one of the oldest cities in the state of Illinois.  It is a small, quaint town, nestled in the heart of limestone country.  This was my first visit to the area.  As we walked around, I was entranced by what I called the little slices — a barge moving under the trellis train track, ducks in the Des Plaines River, dried blooms in the brisk fall air, reflections in a motorcycle plate, and the shadows of leaves on the ground.

I’m not sure that I could do the bigger view of Lemont justice.  Over the city’s skyline, there are lots of church spires, signaling the area’s rich spiritual history.  We found Lemont High School, a limestone structure built in 1896, and now converted to condo living space.   Despite the typical that Illinois is generally a flat state, Lemont is a hilly city.  Those images aren’t a part of this post, so you really won’t show you what Lemont looks like but you will see my perspectives of the glimpses of beauty I found.  Hope you enjoy these 5* images.


  • Ducks: It was a bright, sunshine filled day, and the ducks’ gleaming green head and yellow bills stood out against the clear but dark river water.  These colors reflect


  • Shadow:  As I walked down the stone walkway, I saw the shadow of this leaf on the concrete.  I loved the play of color from the sunlight hitting the leaves in the background.


  • Barge Under the Bridge: The Des Plaines River waterway was part of the Illinois & Michigan Canal connecting the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River, and along with the train system, helped to supply Chicago and surrounding areas with limestone blocks mined here.  This waterway is still being used, as you can see with the barge in this image.


  • Reflections: I always love the chance to try to use the mirrored surface to catch a reflection.  We walked past a motorcycle, and I couldn’t resist it.  That’s me on the left!


  • Stephen Street Bridge Mosaic: As we walked across the pedestrian bridge, I noticed the mosaic tiles placed in the cement.  They commemorate Lemont’s legacy as a shipping point, its agricultural geological heritage.  The Lemont Center for the Arts is a thriving


  • There Comes A Time… According to Mona Parry of the Lemont Center for the Arts, Lemont has a “rich and diverse history worthy of depiction in mural form.”  This colorful mural is one of several documenting significant historical events.  Local artists Mona and Rob Moriarty worked with the historical society to research limestone excavation.

Lemont was nice, and it was such a beautiful day that it would be hard to go wrong.  Yes, definitely I’d do it again, and maybe next time, I would explore more of the murals.

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