Bonus Days at the Grant Skate Park — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 145
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 12  (8.3%)

60+ degrees on a Saturday in Chicago in December?  That is a textbook definition of a “bonus” day!  It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so the park would either be full of visiting athletes, or the in-town locals would be out in full force.  There was a good size group, but not the crowd I expected.  Even so, there was a bevy of skateboarders and one or two bikers in the skate park.  That meant it was a bonus day for a photography outing too.

Left to my own devices, I probably would have stayed out there for a couple of hours, and walked away with 250+ images.  This time, I had my nephew with me, and I knew he didn’t have THAT kind of patience!  We showed up, got a few shots, and 45 minutes later, we were on our way to the next stop!


  • The Big Picture: The Grant Skate Park is nestled in a low valley at the southern end of Chicago’s Grant Park, surrounded by the Museum Campus, Soldier Field and South Loop high rise buildings.  As you can see in this overhead shot, there was a fair amount of action in the skate park, mostly skateboards.  From this vantage point, you can see the different features of the park, from the rails, to the pikes, planks and stairs.  In this scene there are several vignettes – the group of guys watching the skateboarder on one pike, others waiting their turn.


  • On the Rails:  One regular trick is slide down the rails on the flat side of the skateboard. This skate boarder seems to have that well in hand.


  • Over the Rails (2): But there are an intrepid few, of which this guy was one, will try to soar over the length of the rails, heading downhill, and still land on their feet.  You can see the guy in the background recording this feat – he probably knew what was going to happen.


  • Airborne!  Soaring over the rails and the stairs is quite a feat.  This skateboarder has great form, with his feet maintaining contact with the skateboard, arms aloft and extended, his body folded compactly, and angled for aerodynamic effect.



  • Not Every Time. These skateboarders are die hard.  No protective elbow, knee, or pads, no protective head gear.  And guess what?  Every trick is not executed flawlessly every This skateboarder, who so easily (it seemed) soared over the rails in the previous image, ended up separated from his skateboard (not the desired outcome), but he recovered handsomely.


  • End on a High Note:  Another skateboarder caught my eye that day as well.  He was doing the opposing move – coming up the ramp.  each time, he would jump high, folding his body above the rotating skateboard.

A warm day, filled with bright sunshine in December in Chicago, is NOT to be missed.  And certainly these skateboarders were making the most of it.  Definitely bonus days at Grant Skate Park!  Hope you enjoy these 5* images.

See more outtakes from the outing by following me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.

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