Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore Trail: A View From The Water – 5* Pix

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One of the highlights of any trip to the Upper Peninsula is a chance to see the Pictured Rocks Lakefront Trail.  And quite honestly, the best way to partake in the beauty of this cliff-side natural wonder is from the vantage point of the waters of Lake Superior.  There are wonderful hiking trails, which are also not to be missed, but if you have to pick one… We had two teens with us, we knew that it would be foolhardy to even think about a sunrise trip, or a hike, so we opted for the sunset lake cruise.  I can truly say this was a breathtakingly beautiful excursion.

From the variegated cliff walls, colored by layers of sandstone and minerals, to the striking rock formations, and the storytelling by the guides, my sister and I were awestruck by nature’s handiwork.  And yes, I certainly tried to capture the iconic images, like Bridal Veils Falls, for instance, and the expansive lake shore view of the cliff between Mosquito Beach and Miner’s Castle.  I was only moderately successful at this because of the dwindling light. Hope you enjoy these 5* images.


  • Chapel Rock: I am sure the guide told us the story behind this rock formation and why it is called Chapel Rock, but I don’t remember it.  I do remember, however, the delicate  rock structure, formed by wind, rain and harsh winters, and miraculously still holding its lone tree, even after separation from the major rock structure.



  • Yes, Let’s go Chasing the Waterfalls (2):  That is why we were there, after all, to find some the waterfalls in the area.  Miner’s Falls, as shown in this image was quite a trek – the sign said a mile, but it felt much longer (maybe we were just tired).  After finally reaching the top of the falls, we had to walk down (and back up!) a steeply pitched hillside staircase.   My sister and I both watched in fascination as the water fell over the rocks.  I could have stayed there for hours!
  • In this second image I just wanted to freeze the image of droplets hitting the base of the falls, striking the rocks.


  • Not Just Another Painted Rock: This huge rock formation is stands out clearly in the cliff side.  Even in the setting sun on this overcast day, you could see the effects of rock layers and mineral seepage – amazing colors, especially against the blue-green waters of Lake Superior.


  • Miner’s Castle I loved the fact that the locals (or the National Park Service) has named the more unique rock formations.    This one is called Miner’s Castle, and is easily one of the iconic, often photographed, images of the Picture Rocks Lakeshore Trail.

If you visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, your trip would not be complete without a visit to the Pictured Rocks , from a vantage point where you can truly enjoy the beauty – the beautiful blue-green waters of Lake Superior.  Hope you enjoyed these 5* images!

For more images and outtakes from my visit to the Upper Peninsula, follow me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.

3 thoughts on “Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore Trail: A View From The Water – 5* Pix

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  2. The rocks were amazing!!! Thank you so much for capturing those breathtaking images. You pulled us in to each image as if we were standing right with you.

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