Wind Surfing Chicago — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 60
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 12 (20%)


I guess summer is the time when you can have that perfect mix – beautiful day, unique photo opportunity, camera – such was the case on a recent Sunday when I caught Marty wind surfing in Lake Michigan.  I had spent the morning on a very different photography outing and returned home, tired from my efforts.   While eating lunch, and looking at the lakefront, I spotted the windsurfer.  At first, I thought maybe it would only be fleeting — the last time I saw this windsurfer, he was packing up when I got there.  After a few moments, I realized that I might have an opportunity to photograph him, so out I went!

And, yes, I did have THAT opportunity.  I even had the chance to meet Marty, the wind surfer, and chat with him for a bit (he’s getting these images for his personal archive too).  Hope you enjoy these 5* images from this unexpected photography outing.


  • Backdrop – Industrial City: The southern view of Lake Michigan at this location has a lot of industrial buildings, creating a great backdrop for Marty’s windsurfing adventure.  Also in the background was a sail boat.


  • Holding Tight: In this image, you can see that Marty is holding tight to the rail of the sail, his muscles strained and taut, toes clenched on the board.


  • Returning to Shore: I loved this image of Marty returning to the shore, briefly joining other beach goers.   In general, vehicles are not allowed near the swimmers, but he stayed among them only long enough to reach the beach and pack his surfboard and sail, thus not creating an issue.




  • Just Surfin’ (2): These images show the beauty and effort involved in wind surfing.  It was a beautiful day, with the bright sunlight giving Lake Michigan a teal hue.  Plenty of boats were out, as you can see with the small speedboat and the larger boat, both of which appeared in these images, and the sailboat in the image above.      

I have seen Marty windsurf before – with his golden locks and long ponytail, he has a very distinct look.  However, this was my first time photographing him while he windsurfed.  I loved watching what seemed to be calm but assured movements – he first moved away from the shore and towards the water pumping station, then navigated his board towards the shore to return; when he was close, he coasted along the shoreline a short while before moving away again.  I hope you enjoy these 5* selections.

See more outtakes from the outing by following me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.

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