Dragonflies, Day Lily, Turtle & Catfish at the Nature Preserve – 5* Pix

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Let’s just say that I am more squeamish than these images would lead you to believe… and that I was never as close as the camera lens allowed me to be!

One of my friends has a home on 53 acres of land that I affectionately refer to as the Dixon Nature Preserve, so named because when she visits, my friend is always sending pix (sometimes blurry) of the animals she sees from her window view or perch on the porch, or from walking around the farm. We laughingly say its like living in a wildlife park.

This was my first visit, and between the time that arrived and left, I had a chance to see it all:  deer, buzzards, raccoon, turtles, catfish, dragonflies, and the myriad of native grasses and flowers surrounding the house.  Of course, wouldn’t you know, I didn’t have my camera ready for all these sightings… I’m jes’ sayin…

For those times where I was camera ready, I hope you enjoy these 5* images!

Who knew dragonflies came in many colors?  I certainly didn’t, and it wasn’t until I was at the aforementioned ‘nature preserve’ that I could see the difference.


  • Black and White: While we were looking for turtles in the pond, I noticed these fuzzy black and white bugs flying around.  I had no idea what they were, and they moved so fast I couldn’t get a picture.  So at one point, I noticed one had stopped near me.  Turns out they were NOT fuzzy at all.  Here is the black and white winged dragonfly, up close and in person.


  • Bronze Gossamer Wings: Again, while I was looking for the turtle, I just happened to look down at the grass right in front of me.  What I noticed on the blade of grass what this gossamer winged beauty.


  • Jewel-toned Eyes: Dragonflies are characterized by their large multifaceted eyes.  The aqua-toned shades of this one caught my attention as we walked thru the park area.  I couldn’t believe I was close enough to get this image!  I also couldn’t believe how beautiful these things re up close.  If I were back in Chicago, I would never have stood still to catch this image.   


  • Delightfully Fabulous Day Lily: Wow!  This day lily is breathtaking beautiful.  They are a favored flower in Chicago, so it was no surprise to seem them in abundance here.  The vibrant red and yellow of this blossom, with the tendrils coming from the center, was captivating!


  • Feed the Catfish: The pond behind the house is fairly clear, and has a large population of catfish.  You can tell how large a population when they throw orange catfish food (yes, you can buy this at the local hardware/general supply store), and tens of fish rise to the surface to grab it.  Have I been THIS close to a live catfish before – no!  Have I seen the antennae streaming from their head, or the wide flat mouth, as showing in this image??  Again- NO.  But I loved the fact that my friend has a healthy, clear pond with a ton of catfish!


  • Oh, But the Turtle! Yes, it is the turtle that really makes my friend stop.  When she sees it, she goes into slow motion!  That being said, I was glad to spy the turtle in the water.  Its color, however, was so close to the color of the water that it was hardly visible.   I’ll tell my friend I think she needs some stones near the pod for the turtle to rest upon – they will make a much better photo opportunity.

I spent three days with my friend at their family’s nature preserve, and enjoyed it immensely.  The next trip, which I hope to be in the fall, to explore more of the wooded area, with the bright fall colors as part of the backdrop.   Hope you enjoyed these 5* images from my trip.

See more outtakes from the trip by following me on Instagram @eyevpointofview.

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