I Am For Peace — 5* Pix


Total Shots taken 106
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 11 (10.4%)


On June 2, Chicago’s Perspectives Charter School sponsored its fourth annual March for Peace, walking from 24th and State to 36th and Wabash.  A sea of students, teachers and administrators, were led by peace ambassadors and local leaders like Father Michael Pfleger and Arne Duncan, who were in attendance.


  • Six Steps for Peace – “Take ten.”  “Take Responsibility for your actions.”  “Affirm, forgive, and thank.”  These are three of the six steps for peace promoted in the Peace Steps and listed on the back of the t-shirts commemorating the event. they are integrated in the school’s learning objectives at every level.



  • I Am for Peace –  Perspectives aims to create people who are positive forces for peace.  They recognize that advocating for peace is different than fighting violence.  I loved this hat, and its blatant statement of intent.  My addition to that statement of intent  – May Peace Be in the World.


  • Moment of Silence –  During the rally before we began marching, the leaders called  for a moment of peace for those lost to gun violence.  As I began to capture images of this moment, one student hugged her friend, and tuned he face toward me just as I pressed the shutter.  Surely, I captured a poignant moment.


  • Strength In Numbers – The intent for peace is magnified by the number of people gathering together to wish for peace – peace in everyday interactions, peace breathing to slow down the tempo (i.e., “take ten”) – the wish for peace can change from an individual effort to a collective one to keep peace in the Perspectives community.  For this image, I lifted the camera up, so i could see over the people directly in front of me to the sea of people gathered together for this march.



  • Signs for Peace (2) – As we walked, chants of “What do we want?  Peace!  When do we want it?  Now” and “Hey Hey!  Ho Ho!  These guns have to go!” These chants punctuated the otherwise quiet procession, just as the colorful signs showed up against the predominant white of the commemorative T-shirts.


I am for peace.  We stand for peace.  And, along with Perspectives schools, we marched for peace on June 2.  I hope you enjoyed these 5* images – see more like these on Instagram (@eyevpointofview).

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