Wanderings II – Ottawa’s Rideau Canal and Alexandra Bridge – 5* Pix


Total Shots taken 122
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 16 (13.1%)


In early fall, I found myself in the very picturesque city of Ottawa, home of Canada’s Federal government.  My goal:  take a photography walk around the Rideau Canal area, crossing the Alexandra Bridge into Gatineau, a neighboring city, but in the province of Quebec.  On a beautiful bright sunshine filled day, it was hard not to find great scenes to capture.


  • A View From the Bridge – Looking across the Ottawa River you can see the Canadian Parliament building sitting on Parliament Hill, overlooking the Rideau Canal.  I loved the beauty of the scene, as captured in the individual layers – clouds, hilltop, river level, and the river itself.


  • Alexandra Bridge –  Turning around, and looking back across the river to the Alexandra Bridge.  I love the angle formed by road  coming to a point with the bridge, with the street lamp globes dotting the trees like a series of elipses.  Behind the bridge, the water spout from a nearby casino rises above the peak of the bridge truss.


  • Confederation Boulevard Banners – Each summer, the Alexandra Bridge is adorned with banners, this year inspired by the stained glass windows of Canada’s House of Commons, featuring the floral beauty of each of the nation’s provinces.


  • Rolling Along – The beauty of having a bridge in the urban environment is there are so many ways to enjoy it. As I walked, I saw other pedestrians, cars, cyclists, and as this image shows, skateboarders.   I felt very much at home, having spent a lot of time walking the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, and the floating bridge in Seattle.  Just the way to spend a fall Sunday afternoon!


  • The Odyssey – OK, this reminds me of the Andy Warhol painting of the Campbell Soup can!  These birds staring down a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup are a priceless find in the small park that marks the end of the bridge on the Gatineau side. I smile each time I see this art installation (artists Jean-François Cooke and Pierre Sasseville, known as Cooke-Sasseville), and if this is any indication, I want to see more of their work!


A beautiful fall day in a beautiful city – what’s not to enjoy?  The fall foliage, residents and tourists enjoying the environs.  I was in good company!  I hope you enjoy these images from my afternoon walk in this small area of Ottawa and Gatineau, the neighboring city.  My goal for the next trip — take a much longer photography walk, exploring the area.  I hope you enjoyed these 5* images – see more like these on Instagram (@eyevpointofview).

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