Wheels Up! Grant Park Skate Park — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 138
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 19  (13.8 %)


Grant Park Skate Park has become one of the area’s most popular outdoor venues for those on wheels – scooters, skateboards, BMX bikes, or roller blades, to be specific. It has only been a little more than 2 years since the the skate park opened at the south end of Chicago’s Grant Park.   Spring in Chicago has been on the cool side, but not too cool for rail rides, jumps, flips, wheelies, and all kinds of fun at this region’s top rated skate park (according to Tripadvisor and  yelp!).

There is so much action, it’s hard to take it all in.  So, what I offer today is these vignettes of skateboard- and BMX-life; hope you enjoy these 5* images!




  • On the Rails (3): I love these shots of the skateboarder going down the rails.  Even after you reach the end of the rail, and jump off, there is no guarantee that the skate boarder will land upright, as I saw several times.


  • In the Air – Skateboard: This skateboarder is up in the air, sticking to his skateboard throughout the jump.



  • In the Air – BMX Style: This BMXer is in the air as he turns his bike, a grand stunt!  Not to be outdone, the 2nd BMXer raises over the top of the ramp and turns around.  Good height over the ramp – you can easily see the knees of the guy on the scooter behind him.

In all, it was a fabulous day for fun at the skate park, and a fabulous day for a photography outing.  One thing about such a bright sunshine filled day, is that you can clearly see shadows from the individual stunts.  I love that, and in my mind, it gave more punch to the images.  From a photographic perspective, I enjoyed the stunts AND the shadows.  I hope you enjoy these 5* images.


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