Iced Over in the Windy City – 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 103
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 18 (17.5%)

January and February set a new weather record by being the first time in 146 years that we had neither snow nor rain in the Chicago area.  After this record-setting winter, we started spring with a surprising round of cold, rainy, and icy days.  The second day of spring brought rain and strong winds crashing against the shore, creating a wealth of iced over trees, branches and rocks.

So what’s a budding photographer to do on a day like this, except take an hour out of the day to record this icy beauty?  I hope you enjoy these 5* images — I know I had fun taking them!

Angry Lake

  • Promontory Point: The waves were high, and the spray easily reached the paved exercise path, creating a slick coating all the way to the grass on the other side.  In this image, you can see the turbulent waves in the foreground, and the spray created by waves hitting the limestone block shore.  In the background, the water pumping station seems closer than usual.

Icy Branches



  • Icy Branches (3): Any bush near the shore became an ice sculpture, with a crystalline cover on each individual branch and twig, reaching into the crevices between the rocks, and smoothing out the rough surface with a clear coating.  How wonderful to see the icy rivulets formed  in the direction of the wind.



  • Birds in the Wind: With so much movement in the waves, food is being tossed and turned near and above the surface of the water.  In this image, the birds seem to float in the air (as birds are wont to do), just waiting for the food. The buildings in the background – one is the iconic Willis (nee Sears) Tower, its stepped rise looking much closer than it should, given the 7 mile distance.   Also seen is Mark di Suvero’s sculpture, Destino, recently placed on the lakefront.

In Chicago, we really are turning the corner on spring.  We know this because this ice had melted off the trees and bushes by mid-afternoon the day these images were made. We didn’t get iced over this much the entire winter!

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