Montrose Harbor – It’s All About the Birds – 5* Pix

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The Chicago Park District has seeded several stations along the lakefront as bird migration spots, and they are paying off.  Local news outlets have profiled the falcons, owls, even pelicans. They have been seen all over the city.  With that in mind, I set out to explore the Montrose Harbor Dune Preservation and Bird Migration station, camera in hand.

It’s a beautiful site, even in its pre-spring state – brown, leafless and (in some cases) bud-less trees and bushes, all of which stand out against the blue of Lake Michigan on a bright day.  Protected areas were roped off, and walking paths clearly marked, with signs asking visitors to stay on the paths.  Great area to explore on a Sunday morning, but I will warn you, no falcon, eagle, or pelican sightings form me.  Still, I hope you enjoy these 5* images of the bird sanctuary.


  • If a Tree Falls in the Forest….: I loved the sun shining through this wooded area, creating pops of light and shadow.


  • Bird watchers: I wasn’t the only one who was out looking for birds.  Several others had the same idea.  I had walked through the wooded area, following the path, and emerged on the other side to see these sand dunes and Lake Michigan.



  • Cardinal Bland and Bright (2) The male cardinals are the familiar bright red color, while the female is a more bland color.  As I made my way back to the car, I found a bush with many birds, but heard a different song. As I looked around, I recognized the bright  cardinal, flitting among the branches.  I didn’t recognize the blander colored bird, but snapped away anyway — it was only later that i found out the brownish colored bird was the female of the species.


  • Red Winged Blackbird: As I walked along the path in the sand dunes, I found a small bird perched above a sign   He stayed there, preening for me while took pictures.  I didn’t get close to the bird, fearing that it would fly away.  Just when I thought I had the best shots  I would get, I heard a noise beside me.  Much to my surprise, there was a larger bird playing in the grass right next to me.  I quickly snapped a few images, and this was the result!  Love it!


  • Alone At the Pier:   Beautiful location on a gorgeous morning.  Everywhere I turned, I found a new image to capture.  I am always looking for a good silhouette – I liked the man walking under the structure.

Montrose Harbor also has a dune restoration project — what a wonderful way to spend a  Sunday morning, and clearly, I was not the only one with that thought in mind.   Even the birds were there! Enjoy!

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