Ultimate Frisbee[1] Competition – 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 67
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (9.0%)


55 degrees on an overcast Sunday afternoon, aka ‘prime opportunity for a little team Frisbee practice.’  And so it was on the grounds of Promontory Point, one of the lakefront park areas.  I sat on the bench, watching them play – taking notes on the game itself, since I’ve never studied the rules of the game.  I had fun watching, and I gave myself a challenge:  with batteries at 33% and space for only 57 images remaining on the SD card in my camera – could I operate within these constraints?  Could I be more considered in my photography this day — not take my normal 200+ shots?

45 minutes later, I had the results of my spontaneous challenge – and yes, I admit I cheated by deleting a few  pix, and made space for 10 more than I thought I had.  I love sporting events, and this one was small enough to really see the players and the action.  Hope you enjoy these 5* images.


  • Missed it! Maroon shorts guy was the ultimate player, frequently jumping high to catch the disc midair, putting his all into the game.  In this image, he had reached hard, but missed it, and the disappointment of doing so shows on his face.


  • Got it!  Maroon shorts guy got it this time.


  • Offensive Play After catching the disc, the player can’t move their feet, and is typically surrounded by the defensive players.   The agile player may reach around to slice the disc to a teammate, as this woman does in this image.


  • Good Play! I loved the camaraderie between the teammates.




  • Field of Play (3):   I loved watching the team move the disc down field.  Throwing, catching, slicing, and otherwise advancing the disc downfield.  You could tell they were having a blast, and I did too!

In some of the images, you can see the blue of Lake Michigan in the background, making this a wonderfully scenic spot for an afternoon of competition and fun.  While I was lucky enough to get 10 more images than i thought i had room for, I didn’t run out of battery, and I got some great shots of the field of play.  Enjoy!

[1] Frisbee is a registered trademark of Wham-O.  Because of the trademark, the sport is no longer called “ultimate Frisbee.”  In this post, we used the term disc as the generic term for trademarked toy, Frisbee.

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