From the Archives: Windy City Surfers – WOW! 5 * Pix

Total Shots taken 150 (est)
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 13  (8.7%)


Recently, a  surfer I photographed reached out to me for surfer images.  In providing him the one he wanted, I found I had had other Lake Michigan surfing images that I had not posted.  Woo-hoo!  I get a chance to revisit one of my most favored photography outings, and you, dear reader and follower, get a chance to as well.  That is a bonus!


As I revisited these, I was struck by the glittering water, the sunlight playing in the drops, the surfers, and their obvious joy in being in the water.   It was such a pleasure to look at them again.  My thought about how I overlooked these – I can only imagine that I thought maybe you would be tired of surfers.

But HOW could that be??? These images are gorgeous!  So, even if you are tired of other surfers, I can’t hold myself back from sharing these — now that I found them in my archives, I am NOT keeping them to myself.   I hope you  these 5* images!



  • Rising up: I like this image of the surfer preparing the stand.  You can see the second surfer behind the wave looking to ride its crest.  The sunshine makes the water sparkle and the drops look magical.



  • Catching the Wave:   Good form, good wave.  This day, the normally still Lake Michigan was full of whitecaps, buffeted by the strong winds – prime surfing conditions.  I love the frothy water in the front, with the surfer clearly seen in the background, but with less detail.



  • A Wall of Water:   Who says the waves in the normally placid lake aren’t spectacular?  I love the surfer in the calm waters, looking  forward, the crashing waves creating a wall of water.





  • A Study of Motion and Balance (2):  There is something fascinating about watching surfers.  In contrast to the expanse of the lake, the board is small.  To be successful, the surfer must have good balance.  Stay upright, let the water do the work … yes, that is the name of the game.   In the second image,  the close up view just sparkles!



  • What a day!   I am not even sure what made me take this image, but I am so glad I did.  Maybe it’s the board in the leading edge of the image, drawing the eye in towards the man.  It could be his face, which seems to have a mixture of emotions, one of which comes from giving your all.  Then again, it could also be the small details, like the clouds that are subtly reflected on the gray-green water.  I don’t know, but I know I had to share this image as one of my picks.

Wow.  It was good to revisit the long ago surfer images — I am glad I ‘saved’ them for this future time (that’s my story, and I am sticking with it!).  I hope you enjoy what might have been bound for the lost archives.   I’ll keep visiting overlooked images — there are probably others that, with today’s more experienced eye and training, will begin to make to the pages of this site.   Enjoy, and enjoy my journey!

2 thoughts on “From the Archives: Windy City Surfers – WOW! 5 * Pix

  1. Very powerful images! Clearly, the surfer enjoyed himself. The water appears to get into the mix as well — with its own boisterous movements. You’ve captured wonderful images of a sport that simply looks like great fun. Wow!

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