Atypical Chicago: Tapestry of Vibrance – 5* Pix

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70 degrees on the 6th of November in Chicago???  Days like that don’t come very often in November in Chicago!  Couple that with the energy of city – one of our home town teams just won the 2016 World Series after all!

The city was even more strikingly beautiful, abundantly adorned with the vibrant colors of fall:  From the green, gold and red tree leaves, to golden hue of Illinois native grasses, the browns of the reeds, bushes and stems, now bare after having shed their summer blooms, families and friends taking in the day in their own special way.  I hope you enjoy these 5* images of the day.


  • Thru the Trees: As I walked around, I was struck by the sunlight striking the leaves – both on the trees and carpeting the ground — lighting nature’s canopy.


  • Layers of Color: Wow!  Just wow.  Starting with the golden glow around the trees, then moving to the evergreen of the pine trees, the pale hue of the wheat grasses, the gold of taller grasses, the copper and rose of the hibiscus, and finally to the blue green of the shrubs (‘decorated’ with purple blooms) and grass.  The variety of colors here is astounding!


  • Splash of Color: The purple cone flower is a sturdy native bloom.  In every season but winter, you see these in native grass plantings.  This bloom stands along in the midst of brown stems that have themselves lost their color, in contrast to the bright pink petals.


  • Family Outing: This family, under the awning of leaves just did it for me.  I loved the fact that they were out taking in the day.


  • Reflections: Cloud Gate, or “The Bean” as it is affectionately called is always a major attraction for locals and tourists.  The blue sky, nearby skyscrapers, and the red gold of the trees bordering the patio can all be easily seen in its reflecting surface.  I loved looking closely at the spectators looking at their reflections.



  • Ezra Says Hi: Ezra and his dad were a few of the families taking in the day.  He is such a cutie, and given the opportunity to smile for the camera, he did.  He’s learning to walk and has a strong grip on his dad’s fingers while trying to run in the park.

The mixture of  colors, transitioning trees , and the city’s energy created a tapestry for the day.  Enjoy these 5* views!

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