Wanderings — Ottawa Rideau Canal Area — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 130
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 8  (6.2 %)


A recent business project took me to  downtown Ottawa, Ontario — my first trip to Canada’s capitol city.  I promised myself I’d take a few hours to walk around with my camera at some point.  This last trip was that point: I had my camera, and the time to walk around the area where the nation’s Parliament building is located.   My self-guided walking tour was pretty limited – the grounds around the Parliament, a brief walk along the banks of the Ottawa River, and along Elgin Road a nearby main street).  It was a beautiful day, in a beautiful city, along the river walk and the historic Rideau locks – what’s not to love?  Here are my 5* images.



  • Gathering Space – At the base of the Rideau Canal, the bank is high above the    It is a great place to meet up, or just hang out.


  • Celebrating Woman Power – This “Famous Five” sculpture celebrates five women who led the fight to hold public office in Canada, arguing that women were persons in the eyes of Canadian law.. In this view of the sculpture, all eyes point to the sign held by the Emily Murphy figure stating “women are persons”.


  • View From the Top – I love this view of the Alexandra Bridge, with the puffy clouds in the background, and the ferry crossing underneath.


  • View From Down Under – This view of the Alexandra Bridge, is taken from the tunnel under the locks in the Rideau Canal. In the far background, you can see the water jet streaming from the fountain in Gatineau’s Casino du Lac-Leamy. 


  • Provincial Flags – This rotunda displays all the Canadian provincial flags, and the national flag. After I exited the tunnel, I turned around and looked up to see the flags unfurled, flapping in the light breeze.   I loved the stream of colors and patterns it made.


  • Petunias! – Beautiful, colorful flowers always catch my attention, and these petunias, flanked by bright red flowers did the trick as well.



  • Splash of Color – As I walked back towards the locks, I saw a lone woman walking up the stairs to the street level. I loved the splash of purple against the beach-sand color of the concrete steps and building façade.

I look forward to my next trip to Ottawa with the camera, where i hope  to broaden my exploration.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these 5* selections!

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