Signs of Spring — 5 * Pix

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It’s mid-May, and we think we have finally turned the corner on spring – and “think” is the operative word in that sentence.  Despite our thinking this, temperatures have been up and down.  As recently as this past Saturday, meteorologists forecast frost-level temperature warnings in Chicago.  Still, the grass has turned green, flowers are blooming – it’s a veritable tulip festival downtown, and in my Hyde Park neighborhood, the dogwood trees are blooming.  Time to take a walk around the well-manicured grounds of the Museum of Science and industry, looking for signs of spring.

20160508-MSI Trek_7148

  • Sea of Dandelions – Technically, these wispy blooms are the fruits of dandelions, the part that is left after the yellow blooms have matured.  They are also called blowbacks – while I had never heard that term with respect to dandelions, I can easily understand why it is used.

20160508-MSI Trek_7165

  • Crimson and Cream – The dandelion fruits blanket the ground, and in this image, they are topped by the deep crimson of the dogwood tree. I loved the colorful landscape this made with the contrasting colors.  As I walked around the museum, I was struck by colors, even though there were only three dominant colors — green, white, and crimson.

20160508-MSI Trek_7168

  • Dogwood Blooms Up Close – That crimson tree in the other photo – this is what it looks like up close.  These small, deeply colored blooms provide a wonderful contrast to the white dogwood blooms in the background, as well as the surrounding trees.

20160508-MSI Trek_7144

  • Dogwood Blooms Up Close (White) – those white blossoms in the previous photo? Here they are, up close.

20160508-MSI Trek_7102

  • In Flight – As captivated as I was by the  blooming trees, when I reached the small boat harbor, I stayed for a while watching the birds.  I loved this image of the bird soaring over the water, with the sun reflecting ever so brightly off the water.

20160508-MSI Trek_7072

  • In Flight II – This bird is from “Flock” the Chicago Tree Art Project installation by Margaret MacMahon (this is just a teaser!). I love these whimsical blue birds, soaring high over Lake Shore Drive.

20160508-MSI Trek_7126

  • Jackson Park Boat Harbor Since it has been a colder spring, the harbor is just coming alive. Some owners have brought their boats in, but only a few.  One owner was cleaning his boat during my walk.  I loved the spray bouncing off the boat in this image, as well as the symmetry of the boat moorings.  Anothe day in the neighborhood!

20160508-MSI Trek_7141

  • Classic Blowback – I couldn’t resist it.  There is always a photo of the mature dandelion, and I had to try to recreate what I have seen many times before.  My take on this classic image is not unique, just mine.

This was my window of opportunity, and I caught it!  Just a few days later, the dandelions were gone – the grass was no longer blanketed by the wispy globes.  The dogwoods were still in bloom, but the landscape had changed tremendously.  Since it’s spring, it will only get better.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these 5* selections.



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