Inspirational Journey – the GAGA Effect 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 342
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 38  (11.1 %)


A friend of mine recently began making the transition to motivational speaker, and her journey has been nothing short of inspirational.  We had talked about the bits and pieces over time – first singing in her church choir; picking up the guitar she played as a young teen – forty years after she put it down;  joining a band as a singer; taking guitar lessons; hiring a communications coach; and most importantly, listening to her inner voice.  She had the full vision, while we, her friends, confidants, and coaches, only saw the pieces.

When she told me that she was the featured monthly speaker at her church, and she was going to share her journey with the group, I knew I had to be there, and have my camera with me.  And so I was.  Her presentation was wonderful, and I had a great time capturing these 5* images.


  • Setting Up – The sanctuary of the Unity Church on the North Shore is beautiful in its simplicity.  I loved the image of the man setting up the audio visual equipment walking around the floor level, making sure all is OK.  Seeing the guitar and the music stand in the speaker area painted the scene for me.


  • Setting Up 2 – I do typically like to see the setup, find little vignettes that tell a big part of the story. In this image, Lynn is making sure the guitar is as ready for the performance as she is.  I loved the image of her adjusting the tension.


  • Woman In the Mirror As part of presentation, Lynn insisted she was speaking to the woman in the mirror, evoking the words of that Michael Jackson song extolling those who want to make a change to start with themselves.


  • Contemplative – The presentation was filled with humor and song, as well as reflective, contemplative moments. I loved this image, with Lynn looking down, strumming the guitar with an air of peace seeming to flow over her.
  • Details Make the Difference – High heeled, knee high sequined boots.   White wig.  And, as it turns out, a silvery white outfit underneath the severe dark suit – all were key detail layers to help Lynn make her points.


  • Transformation! — Still at the end, seeing it all come together was a wonderful surprise.  Before she encouraged us to find the superstar within, she turned, tore off the dark jacket and skirt, put on the white wig.  Gaga in the house!

GAGA was part of the message:  Use your Gifts, take Action, leverage Gurus, and change your Attitude.   Lynn brought it to life, and I’m bringing it to you through these 5* images!  Enjoy!

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