Winter Action at Burnham Skate Park

Total Shots taken 54
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (10.5 %)

Skaters, bikers, skate boarders. Winter weather doesn’t stop some sports enthusiasts, especially if it is 40 degree weather. Outdoor sports enthusiasts take advantage of a good day, even on Super Bowl Sunday, as I found out this past weekend. I hadn’t visited the smaller Burnham Skate Park near Chicago’s 31st Street Harbor since the larger Roosevelt Street Skate Park opened last year.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed – there were two bikers, a skater, and a skateboarder.  It had been too long since I’d had a chance to watch the guys in action.   As I had seen in my previous visits, they would typically practice a single routine until they were satisfied they could execute it consistently — that usually gives the opportunity for a few good shots. It worked for me, and I hope you enjoy these 5* images.



  • Skate the Rails – This skater artfully balances as he glides down the rails. Had this been a video, you would see the glide was smoothly executed to the end!


  • Wheels Up! (3) – Burnham Skate Park has curved and straight ramps that allow the sports biker to become airborne – sometimes long enough to turn the bike around (360 degrees), turn the handlebars around, or simply move along on one wheel.  They ride along the ramp to build speed, and after passing the edge, rise in the air — an aerial performance for all to see.
    • I loved the standing angle of the biker in the red jacket as he rises over the skate park platform.
    • I was excited with the up close image of this biker turning his bike in the air.


  • Board on the Rails – This skateboarder shows his skill gliding the board along the rails. From what I could tell, this is a pretty difficult task – you need both speed and balance to move along this mostly horizontal rail (not like the one the skater is on!).

I always love the time at the skate park, trying to catch the athletes in action.   Right– it’s not the Dew Games, or another Xtreme sports competition, but it is where local youths practice their sport on their way to those competitive venues.  Burnham Park — small but mighty maker of champions!

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