Quintessential Chicago Holiday Decorations – 5* Pix

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Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 10 (10 %)


If you have been in Chicago for more than a couple of years, you have come to expect the city to dress up for the holiday season – from the bright lights adorning Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile, to the themed windows of the city’s flagship stores, and the trumpets adorning the State Street side of Macy’s (a reminder of its genesis as a Marshall Field’s store), the Christmastime Mall in Daley Plaza, the ice skating rink in Millennium Park. These are all familiar signs that it is Christmas Time in the City, and ones that I set out to capture this Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy these 5* selections from my outing.


  • Lions Adorned – At Christmas time, the stately lions on the front of the Art Institute of Chicago wear wreaths, and stand on pedestals wrapped as if they were Christmas gifts, tagged “To Chicago From the Art Institute”


  • Reflections In the Bean – Winter scenes of the city reflected on the famed “Bean” (formally named Cloudgate). In the 10 years since this sculpture was built in the park, it has become an iconic symbol of the city, winter or summer. Depending on where you stand, you may even be able to see the skaters in the ice rink below the sculpture.


  • Ice Skaters the Ice Rink at Millennium Park, while not technically a decoration, it is another seasonal symbol. I love the families and friends who join in the wintry recreational activity — by the their smiles, it is clear they are having a good time.


  • Christmas Tree – This 63 foot Colorado pine tree was selected from over 130 submissions to become Chicago’s Christmas tree for 2015. For the first time in decades, this statuesque Christmas tree is in Millennium Park, rather than its traditional location of Daley Plaza.


  • Willis Tower Christmas Tree – Each year, the Willis Tower decorates handsomely for the season, both inside and out. One of the truly outstanding decorations is the 60+ foot tree gracing the Willis Tower Atrium, seen here in all its glory.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take this photo (they don’t usually allow photos to be taken inside the building).


  • Wreaths and Flags –– On LaSalle Street, right in the heart of the financial district, the Federal reserve Bank gets in on the action. I love the simple adornment of wreaths in the windows, their red bows matching the red stripes of the US flag. This couple loved the planters in front of the bank as well, and used it as a backdrop to their photo.


  • 1 City, 1 Food Drive – The decorations also call attention to the Chicago Food Depository’s largest annual food drive, which aims to provide 1.5 million meals through a combination of community food drives, strategic partnerships, and 255 drop off points for individual donations (for more information on this organization, go to http://www.chicagosfoodbank.org).

I love Chicago during the holiday season! As you can see, it dresses up for the occasion, in ways big and small. Hope you enjoy these selections.


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