Vacation Memories -Sunrise at Bryce Canyon Utah – 5* Pix

Vacation Memories -Sunrise at Bryce Canyon Utah – 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 170
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 6 (3.5 %)


I am still in the throes of reviewing and selecting best images from my summer photography vacation, and I continue to find inspiration for blog posts. Each time I look at the images, I recall the different excursions we took, and the fun of “catching the light” as the experienced photographers call it. For me, one of the most magical times was sunrise – it was wonderful to watch the glow created by the rising sun, and to try to capture it in my images. From the pre-dawn moon bathing light on trees, to the sunlit glow on coral rocks, the time is magical.  I hope you enjoy these 5* sunrise selections.


  • Pre-Dawn Moon – I loved the shape of this tree and the opportunity to catch the moon perched in the sky like a pearl above these bare, but shapely limbs, grounded by the early morning clouds.


  • Morning Sun and Shadow – Same tree, different light. The morning sky is a deep blue that provides a wonderful background contrast for the shapely but bare tree. This tree reaches for the sky, along its base is the shadow of one of the sunrise spectators.


  • Bathed in Sunlight and Coral As the sun strikes the face of this portion of Bryce Canyon (I think we were at Sunrise Point), it really seems to glow bright coral. The trees, and the people walking along the edge seem small in comparison to the immensity of the canyon. I love the trees punctuating the rise of the canyon.  They, too are bathed in light–some white, some coral.


  • Coral Arch – This close up of the natural arch highlights the surface texture of the canyon, some bathed in light, others in shadow.


  • Luminosity – Each time I looked at this tree, it seemed to radiate with light. The luminous edges, where you can see individual leaves wrapped in the sun’s rays kept drawing me back – could I capture these characteristics in the image? Don’t know if I did, but I had to try. You tell me.

Reflecting on this sunrise excursion was a wonderful reminder from this vacation. I am still not done, so there are more where these came from, and maybe an urban sunrise (or two) in the future.

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