Capitol View: Rhode Island State House – 5* Pix

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This was my first visit to Providence, and to Rhode Island. I had heard that this state was a great one to visit if you wanted to see the fall color explosion.   When the opportunity to visit came, I was determined to find out for myself. Well, it’s mid-November, and the colors are still in play! What’s not to love about a bright sunshine filled day in such a colorful environment?

One of the highlights of the downtown area is the Rhode Island State House, which is the capitol of the state. My trek allowed me to see the building up close, through the fall foliage and from atop Prospect Terrace Park. I only saw the building from the outside (and I can’t wait to photograph the interior one day) but I loved it from each viewpoint. I hope you enjoy these 5* images.


  • North Facade – Thru The Trees: I started my walk on this side of the State House. The building is a great example of neoclassical architecture. Its dome is the third largest self-supporting dome in the world (source: Wikipedia). The statue atop the dome is known as the Independent Man, representing freedom and independence and the independent spirit of the city’s founder.


  • Surrounded by Color – The colorful trees provide a vibrant frame for the State House.


  • View From The Terrace – Roger Williams, the founder of the state, is commemorated in this statue, located in Prospect Terrace Park. From this vantage point, you can see the capitol dome.



  • State House at Sunset (2) – Wow! The view from Prospect Terrace Park


  • Memorial — Like many state and federal buildings and commercial properties this weekend (and through the week), the State House was lit to signify solidarity with the French, and to memorialize the 130 persons killed by terrorist acts in Paris on Friday November 13.

What a wonderful introduction to this Capitol city! I loved walking around the downtown and College Hill areas of Providence. Enjoy…

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