Bloomingdale Trail – Urban Park Network Sights & Sounds – 5* Pix

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Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 8 14 %)

The new Bloomingdale Trail is an urban park network that crosses four northwest side Chicago neighborhoods with an elevated park.  It replaced an unused railroad track, and features connections to local parks and play lots along its 2.7 mile east-west route. Given the beautiful fall weather we have been experiencing in Chicago, it was a great time to explore this new urban park network, and find out what the buzz was about.

There was much to see: The adjacent parks, the Damen arts district, the industrial structures – smokestacks, silos, water tower, public art installations, and the neighborhood residents – athletes, parents, and children enjoying the newest investment in urban recreational space. I hope you enjoy these 5* images from my trip.

20151101-606 Trail_4442

20151101-606 Trail_4445

20151101-606 Trail_4460

  • Trail In Use (3) – The trail weaves through mid-rise condo/apartment units, over a truss bridge, and through the industrial area, where manufacturing and distribution warehouses remain. Over the entirety, the trail is in use by a broad range of neighborhood residents.
  • Brick House (2) – This undulating structure, made of recycled rubber tires and steel, created by the NYC based artist, Chakaia Booker. Known for her large outdoor art installations, Ms. Booker was on hand for the installation of this unique piece in October.

20151101-606 Trail_4409

In Shadow – The globe portion of this sculpture is striking in the shadow effect.

20151101-606 Trail_4406

  • Thru the eye  – Looking thru the eye of this structure, one can see the dome of the St. Mary of the Angels Catholic church.

20151101-606 Trail_4416

20151101-606 Trail_4433

  • Dome of St. Mary of the Angels (2) – The detail of this newly renovated dome is even more beautiful up close. Interestingly enough, I had seen this very dome from the expressway a few weeks earlier, in the evening light, and marveled at its beauty.   The Bloomingdale Trail is at the end of the block from this beautiful structure. And I was able to capture these beautiful shots of the ornate roofing detail, including the angels stationed at the roof edge.

20151101-606 Trail_4436

  • Street Level – Under the trail, this three-arched overpass in the morning sun graces the streets.

The Bloomingdale Trail is a wonderful urban park space, providing walking, biking and running trails for individuals and families, allowing them to do so without the added pressure of automotive traffic. Over time, the park space will be expanded and the arts districts will become entrenched in the vibrant neighborhood surround. Looking forward to seeing more like this. Until you get to see it in person, I hope you enjoy these 5* images

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