Lego (TM) Sculptures at Morton Arboretum — 5* Pix

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Who doesn’t love Legos ™? And when a superb Lego artist like Sean Kenney creates an exhibit using 464,770 Lego bricks over 4,170 hours inspired by nature’s floral beauty, you can’t help but love this amazing results!

As an engineer in my ‘former’ life, I have long had a love affair with Lego bricks. When I heard there was an exhibit at the Morton Arboretum near Chicago, I knew I had to see it. And I was not disappointed. It was an amazing tribute to both nature and Legos, from which I have selected my 5* images. Enjoy!

20150802-Morton_9615 20150802-Morton_9631

  • Violet Pansy and Bee/ White Flower– The amazing level of detail captured in these Lego sculptures can best be appreciated when you look at the sculpture next to the real thing.  In this image the sculpture shows the fluctuations in leaf texture, and variations in bee wings. In the live white flower, petal fluctuations can also be seen. Gaze away!


  • Monarch on Milkweed – Ever look closely at a monarch butterfly? If so, you may have seen the veiny-like wing structures, captured ever so well in this structure. As I walked the grounds, I actually missed this one at first. I want to say it was because it look so natural, and blended in so well with the grounds, but of course, I would be stretching it. Still, doesn’t it look as if it is SUPPOSED to be there?!


  • Galapagos Tortoise and Finch – Even up close, I love the tortoise. I found it’s placement by the water, the most natural. Don’t you love the bird on the back of the tortoise?


  • Birdbath – This one blew my mind. First it was the bees, seemingly buzzing around the water, but it was the little water splash bricks breaking the still blue water that really got my attention, and won me over. I am loving this exhibit!


  • Grandfather and Granddaughter Gardening – You can’t lose by showing a heart wrenching, tearjerker type moment of grandfather and granddaughter. So hats off to you, Sean Kenney, or creating a touching moment in Lego bricks!

Just so you know, there are eight more sculptures on the Morton Arboretum grounds. If you are like me, these images just whetted your appetite to see those other sculptures. I hope you enjoy my tour of the Nature Connects ® Lego ™ exhibit. If you can, don’t stop with the 5* images, go for the real time visit to see these 13 wonderful sculptures.

2 thoughts on “Lego (TM) Sculptures at Morton Arboretum — 5* Pix

  1. oh wow!! those are great pics. who knew legos could look so good. like the purple flower (the image itself), but like the last pic because like the play of light / shadow.

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