Chicago Skateboard Street Style — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 171
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 7 (4.1%)

My consolation prize for missing the Dew Tour (it recently returned to Chicago after a 5 year hiatus) was a spontaneous visit to the Grant Park Skate Park during the weekend of July 4. I am not sure why there was such a long hiatus, but the high profile Mountain Dew events must have inspired local skaters, based on some of the new tricks I saw.

It was a beautiful warm summer day – not too hot, and a perfect day for high action sports. So off I went. This skate park is a star – the location draws a crowd even on cold wintry days (check out my cold weather posts featuring this park here and here). The thing I noticed this trip is the number of photographers there, getting in on the action, and up close too. Hope you enjoy these 5* selections from my latest visit.


  • Full House – This wide view of the skate park shows all the action: bikers in the background, skateboarders everywhere, testing all features.


  • Catching the Action – Wow, so much in this image! For one thing, there is the city’s skyline as part of the backdrop. Then, there is the skateboarder, whose peak from the half pike maneuver has him peaking a few feet above the edge. Of course, the intrepid photographer lying down on the ledge getting his shots is also priceless. (note to self – do NOT try this on your own!)


  • Chasing the Action – Another photographer, this time with a mono pod (or selfie stick) on his action camera, chases a different skateboarder in the same half pike.


  • Hang Time – Grabbing and holding the skateboard is one favored exercise – probably gets high points at the Dew competitions. The skateboarder in the background looks on.


  • Somersault – If you do it right, turning over as you come out of the half pike, has got to be a neat trick! In the close up of this image, I could see this skater has the scars to show that he has tried this a few times.

The skate park is always a fun photo shoot — there is a lot of energy, and they inspire each other by their exercises and feats. Enjoy these 5* images from the Chicago Skate Park.

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