More Than Jewelz — 5* Pix

Total Shots taken 782
Number of 5 star ratings (5* yield %) 55 (7.0%)

Motivational Speaker. Entrepreneur. Writer. Jewelry Designer. Gabrielle “Gabby” Williams, CEO, and chief designer of Jewelz of Jordan, is all these things and more (see her website www, I saw this first hand, when I accompanied the 14 year old keynote speaker for the 3rd annual conference and marketplace sponsored by The Girlfriend Network.

There are many stories to be told from this event: The teenaged girls who came with their teacher and program leader to see one of their own walking a different path; two young entrepreneurs who participated in the online mentorship program spearheaded by Gabby, and who now have fledgling business interests of their own; members of the Girlfriends Network – the mature entrepreneurs who excitedly awaited the pearls of wisdom from Gabby—also inspired by Gabby (as was I!).

Yes, it’s true that those are all stories that can be told from this photo excursion. But, for some reason, they are not the stories that I was driven to tell. I was captivated – no, mesmerized – by what I learned was the origination of Gabby’s story – the beautiful jewelry she created, and the hands that toiled to create the individual pieces., both fuelled by the knowledge that she was a 6th generation entrepreneur. Having said that, there was also the bird’s eye view of the event as well, captured in these 5* images:


  • Captivated – I loved the face of the man and woman, seemingly captivated by Gabby in this shot over one of her self-designed bracelets.


  • The Jewelz — Even though Gabby has branched out into the other avenues, she continues to create her eye-catching jewelry. I loved the logo ornament that fits so perfectly with the beads.


  • Speaking from the Shadows – Gabby has an animated speaking style. Even from this shadow, you can see she is not tied to the lectern, and feely uses her hands to make a point.


  • These Are the Hands – Like I said – mesmerized. I am always inspired and impressed by those who have the ability to bring their concepts to reality. Well, these are the capable hands that started her jewelry making business at age 9.

I look forward to opportunities to tell more stories of this accomplished and inspiring young woman, when I can tell other aspects of her story. In the meantime, I’m taking the advice Gabby gave as she left the conference, “Go do great things!” – Which for me, means more 5* pix!

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